HCCH 125
Ways Forward: Challenges and Opportunities
in an Increasingly Connected World
Hong Kong | 18 -20 April 2018

Visa Information

Passports : All individuals require a valid passport to enter Hong Kong SAR, China.

Visas to Hong Kong SAR, China

Individuals from 63 countries require a visa to visit Hong Kong. To determine if you require a visa to enter Hong Kong or any further documentation, please visit the Immigration Department of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Visa applicants will require an original signed letter from an entity within Hong Kong. After you register for the HCCH 125 – Ways Forward: Challenges and Opportunities in an Increasingly Connected World Conference or the “HCCH 125”, you can request an original signed visa letter for entering into Hong Kong SAR, China from HCCH 125. A visa application postage fee will be applied to all visa application requests and will vary based on recipient's address. If you have further questions, please contact us directly at enq@hcch125.org

Please note that all visitors to Hong Kong must meet the following entry requirements:

  • Onward / return ticket.
  • Sufficient funds to stay in Hong Kong.
  • Visa for Hong Kong (if applicable).*

* If you require a visa to enter Hong Kong, please approach the Chinese diplomatic and consular mission nearest to you for information on visa application procedures and required documents. Visa processing times vary for different nationalities and you are encouraged to apply for a visa as soon as you register for the conference.

It is important that you start your application process as soon as possible to ensure that you receive your visa in time for the HCCH 125 – Ways Forward: Challenges and Opportunities in an Increasingly Connected World Conference, 18 April - 20 April 2018.

For a Guidebook for Entry for Visit/Transit in Hong Kong, the fee table and FAQs, visit the Public Services section of the Immigration Department.

Inquiries can be directed to :
Hong Kong Immigration Department
2nd Floor, Immigration Tower, 7 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong.
Email: enquiry@immd.gov.hk
Tel: (852) 2824 6111
Fax: (852) 2877 7711

Visas to Mainland China

Attendees may choose to extend their trip before or after the meeting to mainland China. Most foreign nationals require a visa to enter Mainland China. Visas should be obtained from the Embassy or Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in the applicant’s country before departing to Mainland China. A standard China tourist visa is good for sightseeing and visiting friends and relatives, and can be obtained for a single entry, double entries or multiple entries. Other visas such as business visas or working visas are also available. For details, please contact your nearest Chinese diplomatic and consular mission.

Please note : HCCH 125 will not be able to supply a visa letter or sponsor attendees in connection with any visits to mainland China.