HCCH 125
Ways Forward: Challenges and Opportunities
in an Increasingly Connected World
Hong Kong | 18 -20 April 2018

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Opening session
Commissioner Xie Feng
Chief Justice Geoffrey Ma Tao li
Secretary for Justice Teresa Cheng
Dr Christophe Bernasconi, Secretary General of the HCCH
Keynote speech, Prof Jürgen Basedow
Session 1, Discussion on Private International Law in the 21st Century
Session 2, International Family Law & Child Protection
Session 3, International Commercial and Finance Law
Session 4, International Legal Cooperation & Civil Procedure
Session 5, The role of the HCCH I – challenges and opportunities: Presentations
Session 5, Richard Frimpong Oppong
Session 5, Yuko Nishitani
Session 5, Fausto Pocar
Session 5, Linda Silberman
Session 7, The role of the HCCH II – challenges and opportunities: Conclusions